Install Ubuntu 11.04 and Windows 7, vista and XP dual boot installation

This article will help you install Ubuntu dual boot on your system. These screenshots show how to install Linux Ubuntu on virtual machine step by step. Same steps can be followed while answering ‘how to install Linux Ubuntu 10.10 & 11.04 dual boot with Windows 7/ Vista /XP ?’ or ‘how to install windows along with Linux Ubuntu ?’. This Linux Ubuntu installation demo has been done on virtual machine (virtual Box) by installing Ubuntu inside windows 7.
But before installing Linux Ubuntu, you must see Things to remember before installing Ubuntu to make your Ubuntu installation a perfect one.. These notes are of great importance also for people switching from Windows to Linux dual boot or Ubuntu dual boot operating systems (OS). Here goes the solution for ‘how to install the Linux Ubuntu operating system?’. A very similar procedure can be applied for installing other Linux based operating systems.
Boot through the Live CD or Live USB .Click Install Ubuntu.
Select first option for deleting all other OS and installing Ubuntu as the only OS.Select next option "Something else" for dual boot with window7 ,vista &XP.

Select drive in which ubuntu is to be install and Click "New Partition table" to make a separate drive for Ubuntu.Empty any drive before through window to prevent data loss
.In This window specify the space you want for ubuntu(at least 5GB).Select Location as "Beginning".Select Ext4 journaling file system" in "Use as" option. Select  Mount point  " / ". It is use as root directory of Ubuntu. Click "OK".
You can also create swap area it act as physical memory. This is optional and can be skip if you have large RAM memory.

Now Select the option for " Device for boot loader installation ", the selected drive should be the first option as shown in the image it is the root disk.

Before this window other window will appear asking for keyboard layout.Select the correct layout of your window in my case it is USA layout.In this window select the corresponding timezone. Now Click "Forward".

                                    Fill the form and click next.

Walaaa Installation starts.


Why release the ubuntu 11.04 even it not complete like ubuntu 10.10.

to much problem i have to fix in this ubuntu 11.04 now i need to reinstall ubuntu 10.10 again because this suck ubuntu 11.04 after upgrade all my system bracking down .

I agree with you,there are few problems with 11.04 but I believe within a month all issues will be resolved,then you can upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04.

i'm new user to use to ubantu os.......
how can i use two operating system on my laptop,it is possible plz reply on my e-mail

If you install the Ubuntu as shown above then you will get two operating system on your system. After the installation you will see option two select either Ubuntu or Windows at system startup.

Welcome to Ubuntu club :)

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What about the Swap partition?

Thanks for suggestion ..will edit soon

u can get step by step instruction on you tube

hi guys
there are any system requiriments for ubuntu 11.10?
im trying to install it 3 days but nothing ....
my pc halt in a black screen with something says...
end of trace

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