Install Ubuntu on external hard drive or pendrive

This post will help installing Ubuntu on external hard drive which is
almost same as installing Ubuntu on internal hard drive.The very same
process can be used to install Ubuntu on pen drive.


1. Connect the external disk or pendrive to your system and boot the computer using an Ubuntu 11.04 CD or DVD.

Ubuntu pendrive screenshot 1

Select install ubuntu.

2.The following window will appear.

Ubuntu pendrive screenshot 2
Select Something else option.

3.The external disk connected to computer will be denoted by dev/sdb. The “b” shows that it is the external hard disk detected by the system.

Ubuntu pendrive screenshot 3

Select the free space and Click Add option.

If its not showing any free spaces, then select any drive appear below /sdb and delete it (back up your data).

Ubuntu pendrive screenshot 4

In this option, select the mount point /boot and partition size can be anything between 22MB to 258MB.

Now create a partition from the free space for swap area this will act as virtual memory.

Ubuntu pendrive screenshot 5

Select the swap area any where between 500MB to 1GB. 

In the free space available create a new partition for Home. Creating this
partition is optional and you can skip to next step to create partition
for root directory "/" .

Ubuntu pendrive screenshot 6
Now create partition for root directory '/' .

Ubuntu pendrive screenshot 7

Click OK.

Ubuntu pendrive screenshot 8
As partition for /, /boot and /home is created now in boot loader option select your external hard disk or pen drive option. Click Install Now and you are ready with installation.

NOTE : Do not select the partition of external hard disk but the whole hard disk.

NOTE: To access Ubuntu from hard disk plug in the hard disk before starting your system. In the Grub menu you will see Ubuntu option with external
hard disk info. In front of it, select that option and you are ready to
access Ubuntu from hard drive and do not remove your external drive
while accessing Ubuntu.


is this method the same as using pendrivelinux and unetbooting? coz i tried using both to install UBuntu 11.10 in a flash drive but my laptop can't detect the flash drive at the boot menu.

i'm trying to install Ubuntu in my flash drive so that i can just boot it from the flash drive instead of dual-booting my laptop. FYI, i'm using Asus A43S-VX038V

any help would be much appreciated. thanks.

i think u need to go to setup of ur laptop and enable the usb boot drive at boot option and then save changes and restart the laptop

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