Enable right mouse button in Ubuntu Gnome 3

After installing Gnome 3 you will be wondering why your right mouse button is not working on the desktop and where is the menu. It is not the case of faulty installation of Gnome 3 but Gnome 3 developers have disabled the right mouse button. But you can easily get back the right mouse click working.

Open the Gnome tweak tool (search it or see in Application menu)
In the appearing window, click on file manager tab and change option for "have file manager handle the desktop" from off to on.

And you are don!

There is one more function that is disabled by the Gnome 3 developers that is delete option on Desktop.
To remove the computer, home and trash icon from the Desktop, select alt+f2 and type deconf-editor.
In the appearing window, select the org tab, now click on gnome-nautilus desktop.
And unmark the computer-icon-visible, trash-icon-visible and home-icon-visible.
Computer, home and trash icon will be removed from the system.