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For Linux download, you need to decide which Linux distribution you want. There are about 200 Linux distributions in the market. As Linux comes under GNU General Public License, it is free to download. Linus Torvalds initiated the development of the Linux kernel. He is the chief architect of the Linux kernel and currently works as the project coordinator. He has also developed Git, a revision control system and the Scuba diving log book software Subsurface. Here, you will get the link to download the top 5 Linux distros

Linux, being a kernel, is basically the program which connects the hardware to the application. Most of the Linux-based applications are free to download. As Linux is free to download, there are various misconceptions about Linux. You might be also interested in Top 5 Myths about Linux. The main difference between different Linux distribution is that each Linux distribution has a different GUI, different applications that come in-built, different support system, different mechanism that support the distributionf and a different software download center.
Linux Download
The top 5 Linux distributions are -

2) Debian ( Debian download )
3) Fedora ( Fedora Download
4) OpenSUSE ( OpenSUSE Download)
5) Linux Mint (Linux Mint Download)

Installation process for all the Linux distribution is more or less the same. After downloading the Linux distibution, you can either burn a CD or install it through a bootable USB device. See here how to make bootable USB. Insert the bootable USB or CD at system startup and in the boot option select the device. If you are planning for dual booting Ubuntu and Windows then see here Dual boot Ubuntu and Windows.


Between those five, I prefer Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is the most popular out of those Linux distribution.

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