Introduction to Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is the new trending app which caters 5 GB (free) online storage space to the users, popularly known as “Ubuntu Personal Cloud”. This App is very similar to the existing Apps like iCloud, Google Music, Skydrive, Live Mesh etc. For your information, the codes at the client side of the application is written in the language called ‘Python’ and this Apps works on operating systems like Ubuntu, Windows, iOS and Android. See the comparison between Ubuntu Cloud and Apple iCloud.

Just one apps for all devices.

 Ubuntu one is very instant and has better features than other contending Apps. You can expect your data to be accessed from any of your systems at any point of time, provided you have an Ubuntu one account and have shared the data in your Ubuntu Personal Cloud.

è Sync your data from a device and instantly find it available on rest of your devices.
è Make a collection of your favorite songs and just play them on the fly on any of your devices using the Ubuntu One account.
è Click a photo from your cell and magically see it on your other devices in no time. Imagine yourself clicking random pics in a jungle and your mates watching those sitting far away on your laptop. Exciting! Ain’t it?
è One can even send links of the files to his friends and family, for them to download. Links from other photo apps can also be sent or shared on social media sites like FB, Twitter etc.
è Can also be used as a file transfer utility App amongst all your devices.

So, it shows that with just one account you can have instant access to the data from all your systems, hence the name. For more, visit
How to get underway way with Ubuntu One App?

Step 1: Create a new account by visiting
Step 2: Follow the instructions and fill up your details.

Step 3: A confirmation code is sent to your registered email id. Use it to proceed further
            with registering.

Step 4: Now follow the below link to download the Ubuntu one setup on your device as
            per the OS installed on it.                                                                                          

Note: Don’t forget to install the Ubuntu App on all your devices you want to use in order to avail the storage space ie, Ubuntu Personal Cloud.


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