Ubuntu On Phone

Swipe to Switch” seems to be the brand-slogan for Ubuntu powered phones with their newest releases. Instant switching amongst running Apps with almost no lagging has made possible, an ultimate multitasking experience in the phones. With lesser botched screens, the credit goes to the Ubuntu OS for phones.
Ubuntu phones can also be as good stepping stone for Ubuntu tablets and days are not far when Ubuntu will hit the tablet market and become the Tablet Guru

Few of the interesting swipes which can bring smile on your face are as follows:-
1) Left edge to Right edge: This very swipe reveals all the Apps favorite to you. Select any one of them and you will find yourself immersed in that App, within a blink of an eye. You don’t really have to wait for one App to close down and then browse for another App you wish to load.

2) Right edge to Left edge: With every time you perform this swipe across the screen, you will switch yourself to the App running before the current App. You keep swiping in this fashion and the switching of Apps will continue, flashing all the previously active Apps in a specific order.

3) Swipe up from the Bottom edge: Pull-ups the control-options of an App. This way only the content captures the screen and controls come and go only when the user swipes for it.

A few other highlights:
1) Blistering fast searches made and the search-results have the contents not just from your phone storage but also all from the internet in an adorned manner.

2) A very simple but elegant personalized Welcome Screen gives you a feeling to connect with your phone. The smooth appearance and performance of your phone will make you fall in love with it before you realize.

3) With all this switching-instantly maneuvers, the objective of keeping the appearance a lot cleaner than the others in race, has become easier for the OS. The clean and crisp environment doesn’t bother you to go for more and more usage, rather you will love it.

4)  One New Message: Just swipe down from the top edge and don’t keep your dear ones waiting, just reply, on the fly! Same arrangement is for all, be it your mailbox, Facebook messenger, or even a voice call.

To sum up, we can say, after having Ubuntu in a phone, you can do more than what you can imagine. Simply, it makes an ordinary looking phone into a super features-laden, Super-phone.


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